Institute cosmetics

Institute cosmetics are subject to very high demands of organoleptic and effectiveness. An appropriate workgroup will be dealing with the resulting requirements.
A cosmetician invests a lot of attention to customers of cosmetic institutes. Companies will be granted by ICADA with the easy understandable labelling “Institute exclusive”, when they provide the cosmetician exclusiveness for a range of products and thus not make it possible for the customer to buy the product in the retail trade, after he had been elaborately consulted by the cosmetician.
From time to time Institute cosmetics enjoy the introduction of new active substances, product forms, application possibilities and market chances. Communicating this fact to cosmeticians in cooperation with the “Bundesverband der Kosmetikerinnen” is another task, to which ICADA members dedicate themselves to. By this, a less-known cosmetic brand is introduced and familiarized to a cosmetician via the ICADA information platform.