Apparative cosmetics

The NiSG should actually provide consumer protecting and quality standard securing decrees via regulation of specifications, usage, maintenance and training of devices. Unfortunately the BMU keeps waiting for these decrees.

Out of hurried obedience ICADA has therefore already created an industry standard, which meaningful content could correspond with the expected decrees. As subordinate authorities are ignoring the NiSG and want to forbid the usage of apparative cosmetics ICADA has developed and conducted a considerable measure catalogue in order to defend apparative cosmetics. Another working topic of the “apparative cosmetics” workgroup is unjustified competition claims notices.

Currently the ICADA-industrial standard on our European platform is penetrated and the BMU is urged to issue the decree. The appropriate lobbying instruments are topics of our regular conferences.

The results of the workgroup and many projects for defending the apparative cosmetics can be viewed on