Service for beginners

ICADA helps you from your idea to the delivery of your products

  1. Cost saving structures: Help with cost saving calculation and execution
  2. Advice on legal restrictions (KVO, packing VO, Verification Act, Chem-VO …)
  3. Help with concept planning of cosmetic products
  4. Communication of knowledge: active substances, raw materials, skin physiology, dermatology
  5. Addresses of packing material suppliers
  6. Addresses of raw material suppliers (also in small quantities)
  7. Toxicological safety assessors
  8. Addresses of testing laboratories
  9. Product development according to ICADA workflow
  10. Instruction with product testing and optimization wishes
  11. Advertising-effective descriptions of effectiveness/product profile
  12. Cost saving development of documentation according to cosmetic regulation
  13. Notification help for CPNP in Brussels
  14. Coordination of documentation development (microbiology, safety assessment)
  15. Addresses of contract manufacturers for small-batch productions, bottling, packing
  16. Organisation of own quality control without undue cost or effort
  17. Addresses of important packing producers for small  quantities in Germany
  18. Development of specialist content for publication
  19. Literature research according to topic or market field
  20. Contacts to print offices, packing producers
  21. Knowledge about market dynamics, trends, also unknown distribution channels
  22. Small advertising agencies
  23. Customer seminars, sales training, product presentations
  24. Sales agency, field organisations
  25. Willingness to discuss with authorities when problems occur
  26. Nomination of lawyers for cosmetics and dietary supplements
  27. Search for employees
  28. Support of development of own products, quality control, bottling or production
  29. Addresses of device manufacturers
  30. … anything else you require for your success

In the framework of an association following advantages arise

  • Shared stands on fairs
  • Marketing support through shared advertisement for a quality label
  • Extensive association service (see