Objectives and Tasks

ICADA is a European service and lobby organisation for SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) in the field of

  • Preparative cosmetics
  • Apparative cosmetics
  • Natural detergents and cleansing agents
  • Dietary supplements and food

Due to the fact that the negotiating parties for in force and future legislation work in Brussels, ICADA has its location and representative offices in Brussels.

ICADA works cost saving, competent, efficient. As an industrial association of more than 200 member companies we are practising diplomacy and networking with other associations on a national and international level.

ICADA is a European association and doesn’t need to send lobby aims through different stages to Brussels, but cultivates direct contact with the Commission, SCCS, EU Parliament and the EU Council. Within this limits we are pursuing very active SMB-lobby for lowering costs and efforts.

  1. Association service in the area KVO, relevant laws for the market, technology, science, marketing, training, cooperation, EU consortiums for substances and utilisation category, partnerships, shared exhibition stands, joint PR-efforts, joint publications, lectures for the industry…
  2. Image campaigns, market education with SMB aims, marketing support by a premium-quality label (Functional Cosmetic, natural cosmetics, exclusive institute label, global ethics …)
  3. Lobby in Bonn, Berlin, Brussels and Strasbourg for economic and political interests of SMBs (e.g. SMB facilitation of safety evaluation, extension of annexes, reduction of German surveillance to European level…)

We offer

  • Industrial experience for the industry (attachment: some publications of our workgroups)
  • In cooperation with the EU-Commission, Ministries, authorities, departments, press, fair organizers, other industrial organisations (accredited by the EU-Commission)
  • Symposia, workshops, workshop meetings, information service, training

Alongside financial advantages, an ICADA membership offers your business the following:

  • Customized lobby for your individual business interests: the right to make the first recommendation and participation
  • Possibility of information and involvement in ICADA-workgroups, which can make an impact on the market (see attachments)
  • Access to important, latest member and insider information
  • company customized support (Annex-extensions, mediation at local authorities in controversial situations, attendance during too critical surveillance inspections, consultation in company specific topics, contacts to suppliers, and contact to special experts…)

Beyond that, being our member you are financing our work for the branch of industry and also your company interests.

Contents of the ICADA member support

Lobby for your political and economic company aims, general association support in the area of KVO, law, technology, science, marketing, training, premium quality label, juridical consultation service with prompt answers, prompt question service, member information in the area of cosmetics law and all adjacent areas, member information in technological and scientific topics, focusing workgroups (see www.icada.eu „market area“), events for specialists, workshops, intensive courses, focal point seminars, working congress, latest inside information, early preparations for new cosmetics regulation, establishing contacts, high-quality events, competent workshop meetings with gain for participants, intensive contacts in the sector, networking, shared exhibition stands, PR …, each service according to the member’s wishes.

Noteworthy strengths of ICADA

Cost saving association structure, without complex administration, without expensive employees, reliable and efficient; main focus on members’ interests, member-, practice- and market-orientated, for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

ICADA’S working culture

Competent, reliable and efficient work
Association’s work and decisions are made by members and not by the management
Office team: for topics qualified, competent, experienced experts

Association’s aims
An association for cosmetics, dietary supplements and natural detergents

  • No complex administration expenses
  • Expensive employees
  • Reliable
  • Member’s interests in focal point
  • Member- and market-orientated
  • For small and medium-sized businesses

 The association’s performance requirements

Lobby for its political, relevant and commercial interests in Brussels, Berlin and Bonn
Efficient, reliable consultancy service in legislation, technology, science, current market situation
Service: shared exhibition stands, consortium of raw materials, SCCS-templates