Nail cosmetics

ICADA is dealing in the workgroup “nail design” with following topics:

  • TPO
  • DBTL (status, results of the DBTL-penetration-study)
  • Loss marketability of LED-gels
  • Loss of important colours due to rinse-off positioning, exceptions for nail design
  • Cost saving regulation of important nail design raw materials (EMA, HEMA 
) with avoidance of five-figure charge for nail design companies
  • MeHQ (standardization of the MeHQ-analytical method; problems in keeping limits and specification details)
  • Consequences of NiSG on nail design
  • Simplified safety evaluation of nail design products
  • Control over the own brand and its product distribution over the internet
  • Problem solutions for not authorised sale
  • Quality label for nail design products
  • Simplified CPNP notification
  • Prevention of illegal own imports from non-EU countries
  • Prevention of distribution and sale of store brands without KVO conformity (missing documents); trans filled products without own product dossier
  • Stabilised market: proper pricing policies
  • Problem solutions of documentation management including a rP according to KVO
  • Avoidance of contract manufacturer label on packing
  • Simplified safety evaluation for SMBs
  • Penetration data for nail cosmetics, limit calculation
  • Future mandatory warning notices
  • Providing safety data sheets in institutes
  • Plan of duties for contract manufacturers
  • Product get-up: new finished pack regulation /KVO §19
  • Protection against closing of salons by public order offices or health office
  • New obligation for sale, new rights of your supplier
  • Avoidance of disclosure of your source / contract manufacturer and other important company secrets in front of competitors within the frame of notifications
  • Further prohibition of substances