Industrial safety assessors

The workgroup industrial safety assessors at ICADA consist only of practising safety assessors who solve practical problems and follow innovative approaches. No academic training courses or professional association works are taking place.

The necessary framework for cost saving safety assessments for small and medium-sized businesses were already summarized couple years ago und published in the professional magazine SÖFW 2-2011.

Results of this work are the cost saving simplifications e.g. the Omnibus-procedure, which was accepted in the Annex-1 guideline by the EU Commission and minister Aigner of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The group safety assessor was encouraged by public and EU authorities to validate the cost reducing model of the ICADA 1-Jato frame formulation (compare SÖFW 2-2011) for a legal approved usage.

Other topics:

  • Urgent search for available SHB capacity for ICADA companies
  • Public SHB recommendation list
  • Resulting consequences from the unsynchronised publication of the Annex-1 guideline in summer 2013
  • European plans for a SHB diploma as a qualification as safety assessor
  • Natural cosmetics: fraction approach to natural compound assessment
  • Problem with the extent and degree of detail for required documents according to the Annex-1
  • Available TOX databases and installation of a “mutual shared toxicological databank”
  • Restricted ability to perform article 19ii KVO (compare speech on ICADA conference)
  • Delimitation to rP
  • Generating of new SHB areas of activity
  • Options to expansion of field of activity for German safety assessors