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Market segment dermocosmetics

With its demanding work in basic dermatological research, microbiology, modern test and measurement technology, customised active substances and modern application forms on basis of efficient raw materials and packing, dermocosmetics are becoming a more and more interesting marketing sector in the field of dermatologists, pharmacists, clinics and plastic surgery. Also old experiences are now better understandable and used specifically. Research results allow the production of cosmetic products with an effectiveness that is very close to a pharmaceutical product (borderline products). In cooperation with companies offering these cosmetic products we are developing marketing and defence strategies.

We are documenting proof of physiological demanding effects together with members from the area of dermocosmetics and test laboratories. Products performing as dermocosmetics are communicated to customers on the platform of a directive with a product label “functional cosmetic”. The demand to perform with their products better than just cleansing the skin surface is made easily visible for the buying department, sale and consumer with the label “functional cosmetic”.

Jurisdical support in the area of borderline products

One of the important aspects of the work of the Dermo workgroup is the claim of effectiveness which is on the entire legal side very close to the border of pharmaceutical law. Some companies already picture such products with an appropriate label, which claim to be in this direction and have been proofed by a team of lawyers. In cooperation with authorities and public institutions product concepts could be worked out together.

More topics

The product label

  • Practical usage and reasonable implementation of the effectiveness guideline (KVO 1223-2009)
  • Mesotherapy
  • Counterproductive restrictions regarding usage of physiological effective active substances
  • So called pharmaceutical products in cosmetics

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