Contract manufacturing

The KVO 1223-2009 creates a new relationship between clients and contract manufacturers, because manufacturer is he whose name is printed on the packing. By that, the contract manufacturer is released from any public, judicial responsibilities. That is why the cooperation conditions must be revised accurately and in detail for the following areas:

  1. Technical duties (Distribution of information and implementation duties)
  2. Private-law agreement (delivery conditions)
  3. Public-law agreement (rP function, distribution of tasks)

The plan of duties is completed:
Outline plan of duties for contract manufacturing P 7-1

Regulation of cooperation between contract manufacturers and clients

Already proven procedures and your personal requests for regulating the cooperation between contract manufacturers and clients are being summarized in the contract manufacturer workgroup, revised and published as standard, by which a protection of the involved parties can be expected.

Preparation to contract manufacturing for natural cosmetics

The demand for natural cosmetics has increased significantly over the last years, all perspectives of different natural cosmetic standards from conceptual stadium to choosing suitable raw materials, application procedure / obstruction in handling applications up to marketing of clients should be discussed in detail and competently by the contract manufacturer workgroups, so that it will be possible for contract manufacturers to rapidly and competently serve their clients from the natural cosmetic market.