Natural cosmetics

Increasing limitations of raw material variety in natural cosmetics

When pursuing the restrictions of possible fields of application of natural cosmetic raw materials as a consequence of Annex-1 KVO 1223-2009, one finds very quickly a disproportionately high disadvantage towards natural cosmetic companies. ICADA has already made concessions possible in connection with Annex-1 in front of the EU-Commission, but the unproblematic usage of natural, harmless raw materials is still not secured. ICADA invites all natural cosmetic companies to participate.

The sunscreen protection recommendation of the EU from 2006 means serious effects for natural cosmetic choices, on which affected industrial companies have not commented with the help of assertive industrial representatives. Only with joint lobby work on European level one can put a stop to the progressive decay on the potential of natural cosmetics. ICADA sets in and asks for information about all topics and problems of your interest.

The forthcoming standard European directive on natural cosmetics
Since on international basis an ISO-standard for natural cosmetics will be developed, it is possible that the as standard designated European natural cosmetic directives eventually may not become a binding, common European natural cosmetic standard.

The premium label for organic and natural cosmetic
This situation takes into consideration a premium label for organic and natural cosmetics, which is now available only for real natural cosmetic companies, specialist shops and is in no case allowed for discounters or low cost suppliers; which allows the fewest synthetically substances (lowest positive list), is easily understandable without classes, stars but documents only organic and natural; which is directed against “cheap natural cosmetics for everybody” because natural cosmetic is something special and should not be confused with pseudo natural cosmetic of imitators or trend users.

Only for companies with convincing natural cosmetic business philosophy. No trademark or copycats.

Aim of the new label:
Clear differentiation from low cost suppliers, trademarks and copy cats riding on the natural wave
Transparency, easily understandable for consumers, high brand recognition
Serious credibility, no exceptions for non-conform substances
Simple realisation for cosmetic companies

International, organic and natural
Improvement based on the German directive concept
Already certified licensees do not need to change their products
Organic amount will be displayed in the main focus, but is not mandatory
Further companies-individual USP
Conceptualised under consideration the future uniform international natural cosmetics standard

Unique selling proposition:
Only for companies with convincing natural cosmetic philosophy
No equality with discounter or retail brands
No price discussion with products of discounter labels and labels in low cost supermarkets
Professional management by natural substance chemist chemists
Dynamic PR
Internationally active association
Approved by members, market orientated rules, no single-handedly actions of the managing director

Commercial characteristics for Licensees:
Well-priced than other competitors
Easy exploitation method

Global ethics / better world cosmetics:
The number of LOHAs rises, which want to influence political, social and environmental decisions with their purchase. With their hand on the pulse ICADA members have asked us to create a product label and a world-wide directive for this target group. The label is available for member companies with documented CSR-systems or proven usage of sustainable raw materials.

Further projects:
No further declaration of allergens
Natural sun protection: legal and technical solutions
Cosmetic without conservation: Testing new concepts already in progress